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When I was at my most comfortable weight, I was neither skinny nor fat. I still had a bit of a ghetto booty and my thighs are always a little thick, but all around I was fine. I wore medium-large shirts and about size 14 at Lane Bryan to account for the butt. It was good. I weighed around 190-200 pounds. When I type it, it seems like a lot, but considering that A) I'm like 5'8" - 5'9", B) I have a kind of wide frame anyway, as far as hips and thighs go, and C) I will never lose the booty, it's good for me. When I first lost weight in college, I was down to 180, which was pretty good for me, but I couldn't maintain it without losing my mind.

I started regaining weight when I moved in with Mike and Katie, March 2006. I blame it on the eating out and drinking that I hadn't done as much of. Katie is kind of a bad influence for eating out, and my cousin is bad for drinking. I did a LOT of both that year. Though, as I recall, I was okay over the summer (I remember looking fine at my birthday), mostly, but it was when league started and drinking a lot with Bob that it got worse. I moved back home and just sort of stayed where I was at weight-wise. I didn't lose or gain much more. In August of 2007, when I interviewed for this job, I was at 235. Not great. Really. You can see it in my face, here, I'm sure.

When I quit Lakeside, I was off of work for two weeks and intended to be really good about eating and work off a bit of the weight. Instead, my mom and I went out to eat nearly everyday, I went out drinking every other night, and ate food in the wee hours of the morning to stave off the alcohol. I was about 245.

Eating at places downtown did not help, and I still drank a bit, as I was getting closer to Kristina and went out with her once a week, on top of drinking on Wednesday and Thursday nights (though I was curbing a bit because I had a new work schedule). Come Mike's birthday in 2008, I was probably 260? From Halloween, but still fat.

When I started the big weight loss event of last summer, I was 270 (yikes, I hate typing this part). I lost about 25 pounds, which was awesome, and went on vacation at 245. Though I gained a bit back because we were drinking and eating out.

I told myself to lose weight by Christmas, but that didn't happen. I swung between 250 and 255 for the rest of the year, getting near 260 around Christmas, thanks to bad food and sweets.

I started the weight loss regime again, planning on being back to 200-210-ish by my birthday in June. It was a reasonable goal because I knew I would drop 10 pounds immediately (as I always do). This would leave just 30-40 pounds to lose in five months. It's reasonable considering I lost 25 pounds in three months over the summer. It was going fine in January, though come the weekends, I would gain a few pounds back because of eating out and drinking (even though I was curbing my overall alcohol intake). During the week. It would drop again, but then weekend came ... 250ish.

Now ... onto the great stomach virus of 2009 ... I immediately dropped weight, as you can imagine since I was not eating or drinking anything other than random sips of juice. I was back to semi-normal eating last weekend, but am still not eating all too much or anything of substance (plain chicken breasts are the best right now, and applesauce is my favorite snack).

This morning, I weighed myself and am at 238. Meaning, I am thinner than I ever was to anyone at this job. I am also back in the 230s for the first time in 18-or-so months. And that I only have 20-30 pounds to drop by June. This is awesome to me and just all around makes me happy.

I'm pretty sure I could be down to the 220s by the end of the month since, again, I'm still not eating a whole heck of a lot. I know that once my body rights itself and my full appetite is back, the weight loss will slow down, but it's not seeming likely right now.

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