Rockingest Bowler *EVA* (babyomlet) wrote,
Rockingest Bowler *EVA*


Nothing is really going on here. My mom is still a pain in my ass, my dad is still awesome, Thanksgiving came and went.

Upside is that now that me and the sister-in-law are awesome, today seemed a lot more fun. Even when her sister showed up (who I don't care much for ... I don't DISLIKE her, I just don't have any reason to be like 'yay! Jamie's here!). The kids are still effing adorable and we played charades. Ryan scooted down to the floor, up on his feet and hands and just stayed there while we guessed spider and all kinds of dumb things. He finally was like "NO! I'M A HOUSE!' HAHAHA WTFEVER KID. I love little kids.

Work is alternating between awesome and awful. Wednesday sucked, but considering I'm on a four-day weekend, I'm feeling okay about it all. Plus like six glasses of wine will make anyone feel good :-D

OH SO. Two weeks ago, I had Friday off, and stayed late at bowling. Wound up talking with the ex-crush, but really, he just talked my ear off for two hours. UGH. He showed me this video on his phone of a dude in a Transformers costume for Halloween, was all excited, saying it was a buddy of his from the Yamaha dealer he works for. Next day ... a friend of a friend who doesn't know ex-crush AT ALL had posted same video and I'm like, WTF? Find out it originated in TEXAS? So ex-crush lied about this ... and then I remembered all the weird, random, dumb shit he lied about all of last year and Bob even reinforced it by being all 'I asked you tons of times last year why you wanted to be with him when he told all these stupid stories.' I laughed, all, "Well, hind sight and all, I don't remember those stories that well because I LIKED HIM, and ignored it." So now I realize that he likely lied for the whole two hours I sat there and listened to crazy drama about his parents. Whatever, he's a total douche. But at least I can be all 'whatever, you're lame' about it instead of just outright ignoring him.

My brother and dad are trying to talk me into joining their team for the second half of their league since they're short a bowler. I kind of want to and am trying to negotiate with my dad 'I get one Wednesday off a month and you can't complain.' He's hard core about bowling responsibilities and doesn't like that idea, but he needs me to bowl more than I need to join that league, so who knows. I REALLY like having my Wednesdays back - I started that league in 2001 and this is the first year I didn't bowl on a Wednesday. It's nice to come home and and chill and only have Thursdays taken from my week. So, I dunno. It's tempting. I'd see my brother and the kids and our friend Linda A LOT more. And I wouldn't have any of the responsibilities I had before as President, so I dunno :(

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