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American Idol?

I had no idea that Coldplay did Diana Ross?


Well, it appears I could be a judge, given half the stuff they said, I did, too, just moments before they did.

Relatedly, I kind of love that there are some big girls on the show. Big ups to big gals! And I absolutely love Melinda's personality and Kiki's voice. Her performance was absolutely amazing.

I normally dislike the girls and adore the guys, but they bored me tonight. Girls win.
LEE-EEE :: Troy is hot too yo

I'm a copy cat

I decided to steal Katie's idea for a lyrics meme and here's we go. I'm not doing things at random because I don't have THAT many new songs since last I did this. I will tell you, some are quite recent - the last year - and the others are old from a mix CD I made my dad for Christmas. So yeah, think of some classic peeps that my dad may have grown up listening to. And by the by, the CD rocks, so you should download the songs and make a CD for yourself.

I'll even be nice and only use the opening lines. How's that?

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LEE-EEE :: Troy is hot too yo

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For the record ...

Yesterday it was in the mid-60's. Right now it's in the low 30's with tons of sleet on the ground. We have a winter storm advisory in effect, starting at 6pm (yes, I know it's well after midnight) with 6-12 inches of snow welcome. AWESOME.

That was sarcastic, but I have to admit. With a bit of white on the ground, and on my car, it feels oh-so-Christmas-now. No kidding.

I have been watching tons of West Wing Season 1 and I LOVE JOSH. Why did Bradley become oh-so-boring-Danny? Seriously.
LEE-EEE :: Troy is hot too yo

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I just got in from Dallas tonight and I'm so tired, have to finish laundry and am watching SNL.

All I have to say is, GO WATCH THIS! House of Carters parody from SNL and OMG NICK IS JUST TRYING TO PROTECT AARON!
LEE-EEE :: Troy is hot too yo

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Watching Celebrity Duets Finale and A) omg Jon Secada. I used to have the HUGEST crush on him. B) Hal Sparks and Dennis DeYoung are so cute together. They need to have a tv show or something.

I worked on my resume today and I know I totally BS-ed most everything on them. I mean, I wrote the truth but I built it up so much that I truly miss writing communications and shit. It's pretty awesome to read.

Turns out Kristina's mom isn't actually mad at me, like I thought she was. She was just giving me shit. And Kristina is mad at Miguel and that's pretty awesome. For real, it is.

I have bowling tonight. I want to wear these new jean capris I bought this week, but I wore them last night and they're not long enough for me to rub my sliding foot on - makes no sense but really, I do this before every frame. That probably explains why I shot so horribly last night (169-170-181). It was sick.

My dad says he's going to talk to my mom to see if they can help me with some of the dental stuff. That'd of course be awesome, but I feel bad because they've helped me SO MUCH over hte years. It's hard.