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It ain't for the birds

Rockingest Bowler *EVA*
9 June 1980
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  • babyomlet@livejournal.com
Late twenties.
Marketing Writer.
Daughter, sister, aunt, niece, cousin, and friend.
Chronic journaler about nothing terribly important.
On sabatical.

The epitome of teh sex.
josephs_jeans is also teh sex.

Joseph mood theme property of yours truly.
Special, uber, extravagant thanks to dryope
aaron rowand, american idol, arrested development, bafta o'sex, bafta of teh sex, benjamin bratt, bowling, bowling 300s, bradley cooper, brian unger, carlos benard, cheese, chemical party, chicago, christian bale, christian bale playing twins, classic rock, clooney wins an oscar!, colin firth, crackers, crash the movie, csi, dan futterman, david duchovny, deadwood, don cheadle, dreaming big, dryope, dwigt, edward norton, enemy at the gates, firefly, fleetwood mac, fractured humerus, gale harold, gary dourdan, gary gulman, gavin degraw, geoffrey rush, geoffy rush, george clooney, george eads, getting a new job, hal sparks, hot bafta winners, huzzah!, innapopriate behavior, irwitty, jamie cullum, jason bateman, joe, joseph fiennes, joseph fiennes and denim, joseph fucking fiennes, joseph!jeans, joseph's jeans, josephs_jeans, josh duhamel, josh kelley, law & order, maroon 5, matchbox twenty, michael pena, michael sexpot caine, mike and joe, modern rock, monica potter, movie marathons, naked men speak, paul konerko, queer as folk, reese witherspoon, robbie williams, ron livingston, sam rockwell, sandra bullock movies, scott podsednik, se7en, shoulder immobilizers, sister hazel, six feet under, soldier!boys in love, staplers in jello, steve carrel, talking in prose, taylor hicks, teh bettany, terrence fucking howard, the bat man, the dark knight, the eagles, the office, the prestige, the shield, timothy olyphant, tony almeida, twist endings, wallets in vending machines, wee babies, west wing, white castle, white sox, world series baby!